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The following steps can be done if an "Unexpected Acushare Error" occurs:


The error "Unexpected Acushare error" is caused by the runtime starting and finding a message in the Acushare queue, sometimes as a result of an ungraceful exit by a previous runtime.   When the runtime starts, it sends a message to Acushare, and if it finds a message in the queue, it returns the "unexpected" message.

Our Development Department advises that this is a known problem and has been difficult to determine the cause. The Developers have some suggestions about how to minimize the number of occurrences of this error:

1) Set the kernel parameters according to our "OS Kernel Parameter Settings" document attached to this KB Item.

2) Stop and start Acushare periodically.  Several customers have found relief by stopping and restarting Acushare, some as an overnight kron job.

3) Use the UNIX ipcrm utility (described in the Acucorp User's Guide, Book 1, Section 2.11.2) to clear up shared memory and the message queues.

4) Start Acushare with a log file.  The messages will go to the file and not be displayed on the console.  The command is:  acushare -start -e <errorfile>.

Another suggestion is to upgrade to version 7.0.1.  Many problems were corrected in that version by completely rewriting the Acushare product so it no longer uses message queues.


Acushare OS Kernel parameter

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