Created On:  10 October 2010


Issuing a query in the MSSQL Query Analyzer in the form:

select * from [linkedserver]..[owner].

Results in the error:

Table 'owner.table' undefined,Record not found

The openquery format works fine with no error:

select * from openquery(linkedserver, 'select * from owner.table')

Why doesn't the fully qualified format work?


The information in the AcuXDBC system catalog is stored in upper case.  This makes no difference with the openquery but the fully-qualified format is sensitive to this.

The resolution is to use uppercase for the owner and table names:

select * from [linkedserver]..[OWNER].

For a specific example, using the demo database, this fails:

select * from [acuxdbc813]..[public].[accounts]

This works:

select * from [acuxdbc813]..[PUBLIC].[ACCOUNTS]