DLL Call results in MAV - v8.0



With Version 8.0.0 when a COBOL program calls a function in a DLL from two different locations in the COBOL program, the second call will fail with a MAV.


Version 8.1.0 resolves this issue.  This change is also available for version 8.0.0 in a patch which is attached to this article.  

If the 8.0.0 Runtime in use is already patched with other Engineering Change Notices (ECN) contact Supportline to determine whether this patch is appropriate.

"wrun32 -v" will return "ACUCOBOL-GT runtime version 8.0.0" if it has not been patched.

To apply this patch download the archive, back up the current 8.0.0 bin directory, then extract the two files to that directory.  "wrun32 -v" should then report "ACUCOBOL-GT runtime version".

Update:  8.0.0 WS1 is available and contains the fix.  You can download it from http://supportline.microfocus.com/websync/extend80.asp

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