Legacy COBOL Modernization


Micro Focus’s Legacy COBOL Modernization toolkit provides tools and processes with which legacy COBOL developers may easily and speedily translate their desktop ACUCOBOL-GT or RM/COBOL applications into Visual COBOL.

ACUCOBOL-GT and RM/COBOL are extensions of 1985 ANSI COBOL as is Visual COBOL.   All of ACU’s 1985 elements and behaviors are compatible with Visual COBOL and modernization will not need to modify them.   Some of ACU’s and RM’s extensions are fully supported in Visual COBOL and, likewise, need not be modified. 

Modernizing the remaining constructs is essentially translation process which can be semi-automated in Visual Studio or Eclipse.   The process analyzes legacy source code using the Visual COBOL compiler with the KenlyGen option to produce an abstract syntax tree.  The process identifies legacy constructs in the abstract syntax tree to be modernized and posts modernization tasks for the constructs to the IDE’s task window.   The user can then investigate the tasks, apply an automated revision or manually fixed the code.   When the user completes the tasks, the project has been fully converted to Visual COBOL.


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