AcuXDBC does not recognize files with hyphens (-) in the name



Is there a way to make AcuXDBC recognize files containing hyphens in the name?


This is possible.  It is necessary to add the XFD to the System Catalog using the original name of the file instead the name of the XFD, that means to use the hyphen instead the underscore.  

As an example if a file is named my-file.dat and the XFD is named my_file.xfd, the way to add this file to the System Catalog is to place the data and XFD files in the appropriate directories, then use the addfile procedure (.bat or .sh) as follows:

addfile my-file

or, if you have multiple files and want to include them all in one go, create a text file that has the list of the files (e.g.: file_list) and issue the following command:

addfile -f file_list

Old KB# 2853
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