COMP-t data being returned incorrectly from database with 8.0.0 AcuSQL



Using AcuSQL on a Linux machine to access a Postgres database there appears to be a data alignment problem as a query on some fields will return data from a previous field.

The data items are defined as follows:

01 data-vars.

      05 my-var-1.

            07 my-var-1-1                          pic S9(4) COMP-5.

            07 my-var-1-2                          pic X(20).

      05 my-var-2.

            07 my-var-2-1                          pic S9(4) COMP-5.

            07 my-var-2-2                          pic X(20).

This definition helps match the data item to a varchar in the database.  However when querying the second 05 level data from the previous 05 level is included as well.

Was there any changes to the way COMP-5 data items are being handled between 5.2.2 and 8.0.0?


COMP-5 data items must be defined as level 49 items as documented in the AcuSQL manual.

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