Version 8 error on Windows: The system cannot execute the specified program.



When trying to run an ACUCOBOL-GT application with Version 8 or even do a "wrun32 -v" version check "The system cannot execute the specified program" error occurs.

The problem occurs when the ACUCOBOL-GT Runtime was not installed on the Windows machine where it is attempting to execute.   It could be that the bin directory was copied from another Windows machine (ISVs often deploy their applications this way), or in a network environment where client PCs map to the ACUCOBOL-GT bin directory on a server.

The underlying cause is that Version 8 is built with Visual Studio 2005 which not only binds the Runtime to new Microsoft dlls (MFC80 vs MFC71, etc) but to specific versions of those dlls.  When the ACUCOBOL-GT Runtime Version 8 is installed on a given Windows machine the installer detects whether those dlls are present and installs those that are missing.  

When the bin directory is copied to another Windows machine or a client PC is mapped to the bin directory on a server, the necessary Microsoft dlls may not be present and the error is seen.


The solution is to download the attached and extract it to the bin directory of the ACUCOBOL-GT installation making sure to check "Use folder names".

There should then be two folders in that bin directory, Microsoft.VC80.CRT and Microsoft.VC80.MFC.

The Runtime will then have all of the dependent dlls available in the bin directory and will execute without error.


Old KB# 2731
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