Created On:  21 September 2010


When creating a configuration file for use with Net Express and Database Connectors for DB2 what should the option A_DB2_DATASOURCE be set to?


When creating a configuration file for use with the Database Connectors for DB2 product the A_DB2_DATASOURCE option needs to be set to the name of an existing ODBC DSN for the IBM DB2 ODBC driver.  If you configure the ODBC driver during DB2 setup then this should automatically create an entry called DB2SAMPLE that points to the Sample database that is provided as part of the DB2 install.

You can use this entry for running the Database Connectors demo programs or you can create a new DSN for your own database use.  This can be done using the Windows ODBC Manager which can be started from Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC).  The name used as the DSN Name needs to be specified in the configuration file as follows:

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