Created On:  18 October 2011


I am having problems accessing SQL Server on a remote server on the network.


If you are running the AcuSQL interface to Microsoft SQL Server, you must have the SQL Server client software from Microsoft.

To see if the SQL Server client software from Microsoft is on your system, Open the Query Analyzer. (For information on opening the Query Analyzer see SQL Server client documentation.)

If the Query Analyzer opens and you are able to connect to the database, the client libraries are most likely all present. Your SQL Server data source may be hosted on one (or more) of the following environments:

So now you should be able to access the server on the network....

Ensure that you set - ACUSQL_RUNTIME_DLL to asqlsrvr.dll

**  asqlsrvr.dll is the DLL specifically for connecting to MSSQL.

** esqllib.dll is not supported for connecting to MSSQL.

When using asqlsrvr.dll the CONNECT statement must specify the MSSQL Server, rather than a DSN. Something like:






Where MSSQLNAME, USERNAME, and PASSWD are working-storage items that contain the name of the server, the username and password.