Service Error 5 when starting AcuODBC


This article explains the Service Error 5 message when starting an AcuODBC service.


After installing and attempting to start the AcuODBC service an error message “Service Error 5” is displayed. Why is this?


According to the System Errors list from Microsoft an error 5 means "Access is denied". This error is a permission problem. Since Windows service manager uses system permissions, the directory where AcuODBC is located should be enabled for system account. The issue can be resolved by changing permissions on Acucobol directory to allow full access for Everyone. AcuODBC runs under the (implied) local SYSTEM user. Another possible solution is to uninstall, and reinstall the service. During installation, there are registry entries that are made regarding locations of the AcuODBC executables that will be deleted then correctly made during re-installation.

Incident Number: 2428262

Old KB# 14897
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