Created On:  21 February 2011


AcuSort external tool writes all execution information in a log text file called SYSOUT. Is it possible to prevent the creation of this file?


The only environment variable about SYSOUT file is "dd_SYSOUT". This setting allows changing the default name SYSOUT to a more personalized one.
i.e.: set dd_SYSOUT=my-sysout-file

This variable can be also used to redirect the AcuSort log information to a nul queue, thus avoiding the creation of an undesidered file.

This is the syntax to use in any Windows environment:

set dd_SYSOUT=nul

and this on a Linux/UNIX platform:

export dd_SYSOUT=/dev/null

The dd_SYSOUT is an environment variable and is not recognized when set inside a runtime configuration file.

If the AcuSort tool is used within a COBOL program and executed via C$SYSTEM, use this statement before the C$SYSTEM, instead:

Incident #2503164