Created On:  08 August 2011


Users have both data files, with and without extension. Using AcuXDBC, there is a file-suffix variable they can set into the configuration file, but it will not find any that do not have a suffix. Needs to be able to see both.


Multiple suffixes are not support by AcuXDBC; but there are two workarounds that users with the same issue have implemented:

a) Use multiple acuxdbc.cfg configuration files and point these in separate DSN's.
b) Setting Up File Aliases, as we mentioned in our AcuXDBC User's Guide: Chapter 5:Installing AcuXDBC; 5.5 Loading the System Catalog with Your XFDs; 5.5.1 Setting Up File Aliases.

In this last approach you do not have to use the FILE-SUFFIX variable in the acuxdbc.cfg fil; but you will need to add the files to the System Catalog using the following syntax: xfdname#tablename#filename.dat (or whatever is the suffix you are using or none). This way AcuXDBC will link the table name with the filename that you used at the moment to add it to the System Catalog.
Incident #2531414