Sharing violation of zlib.dll



When using AcuConnect ThinClient version 7.0.1, and Web Thin Client, a problem occurs when AcuConnect Server(acurcl) and Web Thin Client(acuthinax.ocx) run on the same PC:

The dialog states there is a sharing violation of zlib.dll.

The problem seems to be just a warning, since after clicking the "OK" button, the application runs without any problem.


When embedding the runtime DLLs as resources in the web runtime and the web thin client in version 8.0, Acuconnect now performs a version control check of the dlls (if already present) to ensure version compatibility.

This was however not correctly done for external lib zlib.dll.  The work around for previous versions is to use a resource tool, like the one available in Microsoft Visual Studion, to set the zlib.dll version to match the actual ACU version.

Old KB# 2801
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