Microsoft assemblies for the 8.1.0 Runtime do not work for 8.1.2


This article describes how to obtain the correct Microsoft assemblies for use with the Version 8.1.2 ACUCOBOL-GT Runtime for Windows.


The application is deployed with a copy of the ACUCOBOL-GT bin directory included, or the Runtime was installed on a server and the client PCs map a drive to the bin directory to execute it. This can result in an error when the client PC is missing the Microsoft C Redistributables. With Version 8.1.0, adding the two assemblies, Microsoft.VC80.CRT and Microsoft.VC80.MFC enabled the Runtime to execute in this fashion without error. However those same assemblies do not work with newly released Version 8.1.2.


It is likely that Microsoft updated those two assemblies or parts of them after the 8.1.0 release. The 8.1.2 release was built with, and depends on, different specific versions of those assemblies, or their parts.

Attached is an archive,, containing the two assemblies for use with Version 8.1.2. Download the archive and extract to the 8.1.2 bin directory (or wherever the bin directory contents were copied). After extracting, that target directory will contain two sub directories, Microsoft.VC80.CRT and Microsoft.VC80.MFC.

The preferred method of resolving this is to install the Microsoft Visual C Redistributable Package on the client PCs. Microsoft’s automatic updates will keep the components current and subsequent ACUCOBOL-GT releases will require no additional files. The Redistributable Package can be found by following the link provided in the right hand pane of this article.

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