AcuServer Fails to Start


This article provides a solution for several problems that can prevent AcuServer from starting.


When starting AcuServer, it appears to start successfully (see output below), but it will fail on either a –info test or if a program tries to access it.

[root@oprtest etc]# ./acuserver -start 
acushare: opening '/dev/console' for error output
acushare: installation complete!
acushare: already running. AcuServer started
[root@oprtest etc]# cd ../bin
[root@oprtest bin]# ./acuserve -info
AcuServer is not running on: sparky
[root@oprtest bin]# ./acushare -info
acushare: already running.


If a machine has multiple network cards or if themachine name is not unique on the network, the following configurationvariables must be set in the a_srvcfg:

# For servers with multiple Network InterfaceCards, this variable will
# determine which address to use when listeningfor connections. The
# default value is blank, which will use thefirst address found.
# If you have multiple Network Interface Cardsin your server, and each
# card is associated with a different hostname, then this variable can
# be used to determine which name to use whenlistening for connections.
# This is only used if SERVER_IP (above) is notused.
# The default value is blank, which means touse the standard hostname.
Old KB# 14188
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