Created On:  26 July 2011


When running Thin Client from a Windows XP machine, you get the message "Connection failed. Server failed to start remote process. Check message on server."

The trace file on the server (Windows 2008 server) shows a message "Trying to create Process" ... and at end of message "failed: 267).


The Error 267 in Windows environment means Invalid Directory.  An invalid directory path/name or inadequate permissions on one of the directories or sub directories causes this error.  Ensure the working directory specified in the Alias entry is correct. Check the permissions for all leading directories to both the runtime and object files.  Check the AcuRCL configuration file (acurcl.cfg) to ensure the correct path specification is set for SERVER-RUNTIME.  This must be set if the remote runtime is installed in a different directory than AcuRCL.