Created On:  16 June 2011


For certain programs, it may be desirable to use the CHAINING phrase as part of the PROCEDURE DIVISION header. While the AcuBench documentation discusses the automatic generation of the USING phrase, there does not appear to be a way to incorporate the CHAINING phrase.


AcuBench does not have a way to automatically insert the CHAINING phrase into a generated program. This can be worked around with a manual modification and changing one of the settings in AcuBench.

The two AcuBench tags below in the .cbl file are removed then the CHAINING phrase is inserted with the parameter desired as shown below.

*{Bench}linkpara <---- remove
*{Bench}end      <---- remove

Before regenerating, AcuBench must be configured not to regenerate the tags that were removed. From the Tools menu, select Options,
Code Generator, check the Regenerate tagged area only checkbox for Program file (.cbl) and click OK.

After the regeneration is completed, the modified PROCEDURE DIVISION header maintains the inserted CHAINING phrase.
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