C compiler requirements for relinking ACUCOBOL-GT runtime with C libraries on UNIX/Linux


This article describes what C compiler to use for relinking the runtime with C libraries on Unix/Linux.


You have created your own C libraries or you want to use 3rd party C libraries that will be called from ACUCOBOL-GT programs.


You need to relink the runtime by using An ANSI 89-compliant C compiler supplied by the vendor of your UNIX system, either included as part of your UNIX system or as an add-on option. Check with your operating system vendor to see if the C compiler is capable of building shared libraries. If it is not, you will need a full version of the compiler to relink the ACUCOBOL library.

Please remember than Bundles will not be enough, and a full version of the compiler will be needed for most systems.

Detailed information on interoperating with C and C is provided in the manual A Guide to Interoperating with ACUCOBOL-GT, Chapter 6.

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