acushare - restarting after an ungraceful shutdown



If acushare is shutdown ungracefully either by issuing a "kill -9" or other catastrophic event that causes the system to shutdown unexpectedly, acushare may be left in a state in which it cannot be restarted without intervention. Users may experience the following message:

"Shared memory and license manager (acushare) is not running"  or

"Acushare: Time out waiting for reply"

However, attempts to restart acushare fail despite the following message:

"acushare: already running" or

"Acushare: Time out waiting for reply" may be repeated


Version 7.x and higher

Should acushare terminate unexpectedly, its master shared memory segment may be left behind. Before restarting acushare, execute the "acushare -clean" command to remove the stranded memory segment.

Version 6.x and earlier

Before restarting acushare, it will be necessary to manually clean up shared memory and the message queues. This can be done with the UNIX utility "ipcrm". Use "ipcs" and acushare's keys, "0x01DCF4C9" or "0x019C4FCD", to determine acushare's message queue id number and acushare's two shared memory id numbers. Then type the command "ipcrm -q id#" to clear the message queue, and then "ipcrm -m id#" to clear the two shared memory blocks.


usr1@unix1:/opt/acucorp/700/bin> ipcs

------ Shared Memory Segments --------

key              shmid   &nbs p;    owner      perms      bytes&nbs p;     nattch     status      

0x01dcf4c9 360452     techsup   666        &nbsp ; 8             0                   &n bsp;   

------ Message Queues --------

key              msqid   &nbs p;  owner      perms      used-bytes &nbsp ; messages    

0x01dcf4c9 65536      techsup    666         0                  &n bsp;0       

usr1@unix1:/opt/acucorp/700/bin> ipcrm -m 360452

usr1@unix1:/opt/acucorp/700/bin> ipcrm -q 65536

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