Created On:  03 April 2012


I am using MS SQL Server 2005 and Database Connectors (within MicroFocus' Studio Enterprise Edition 6.0). After creating a solution in Visual Studio 2008, I attempted to connect the Visual Studio solution (DBC.sln) to the SQL database tables through the debugging steps. I received a "File Error: 9T" in the debugging window. How do I resolve this issue?


For Studio 6.0 SP2 (and later), a 9.0 license for Connector for MSSQL is needed. It needs to live in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%[\Application Data]\Micro Focus\ConnectorForMSSQL 9, and be named acufh.mlc. The “\Application Data” part is included in the directory name if the version of Windows is less than 600.

Another way to look at this is that the acufh.mlc either needs to be in \ProgramData\Micro Focus\ConnectorForMSSQL 9, or in \Documents and Settings\Application Data\Micro Focus\ConnectorForMSSQL 9, depending on which pathway exists.

To obtain the license, a Support Incident must be submitted to Micro Focus Supportline requesting one. Your license request will be routed to the ACU group within Micro Focus.

Incident #2558855