Created On:  25 October 2011


Since the release of extend version 8.0, Micro Focus released a 64-bit Windows native port for the extend product suite. The new installer for this port can lead to some misunderstandings about installation paths.


Usually, all Windows 64-bit programs are installed under "C:\Program Files\" while 32-bit programs are installed under "C:\Program Files (x86)\".

Launching a 64-bit setup installer provides an option to select a different path where Acu product will be installed. A "Path" field can be filled to provide the new directory path.

The path you provide will be the location for 32-bit libraries only. All 64-bit libraries will be placed under "C:\Program Files", regardless of the drive and path chosen in the Path field.

For example, if you choose to install Acu products on drive D:\, you can enter this location in the Path field:

D:\Program Files (x86)\Acucorp\Acucbl811

This will be the path for 32-bit programs. It should be natural to expect to find the related 64-bit programs installed under:

D:\Program Files\Acucorp\Acucbl811

But 64-bit programs will be installed automatically at this path (note the different drive letter):

C:\Program Files\Acucorp\Acucbl811

It is important to be careful about the provided path. If the field is filled with "C:\Program Files\Acucorp\Acucbl811", the 32-bit products will be installed in this directory and no 64-bit product will be installed anywhere.

This is a bug in the installer that has been fixed in release 9.
Incidents #2419278, #2353804