Created On:  14 December 2011


The application is deployed with version so there is a need to compile for that version but the -Z81 compile option is not available.  The -Z80 compile option is there but is not appropriate as there is a fix for an issue with the date entry control that requires compiling for 8.1 or later.


AcuBench 9.0 is missing the -Z81 compatibility option in the Project Settings, Compiler, Miscellaneous Options, “Program can be run by the version” list.  The resolution is to not select “Program can be run by the verion” item.  Instead, enter -Z81 in the “Additional Options” box on the Compiler tab.  The same is true of the Project Settings, Compiler, Compatibility Options, “Version compatibility mode”, -C81 option.  The resolution is the same, add -C81 in “Additional Options”.