AcuXDBC (Client) on 64-bit system



Questions related to  AcuXDBC on 64-bit systems.

1) Does it work on a 64-bit pc?  

2) Are there any 64-bit systems that do not work?

3) Are there any changes that must be done?

4) Are there any differences between how AcuXDBC work on 32-bit systems versus 64-bit systems?

5) Are there any known problems experienced wiith 64-bit systems and AcuXDBC?


1)  AcuXDBC is supported on 64bit from V7.4 onwards through V8.0.

2) AcuXDBC (Client) is only available as a 32 bit binary.

3) AcuXDBC will install and work on a 64 bit PC but will install and work as a 32 bit.

4) There are no differences between the 64 and 32 bit versions as it only works as a 32 bit.

5) There are no known problems although people taking 64 bit are mentioning Windows Vista which has more security.

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