Windows 64-bit products



Which version and which Acucorp products are for Windows 64-bit platforms?


Windows 64-bit Products are supported in 8.x as of 08/29/2007

Acucorp offers 64-bit versions of many (see list below) of its products, which run on the Windows x64 platform. These 64-bit product versions install from a CD that is separate and unique from the standard 32-bit Windows version of Acucorp software.  

Note that the 64-bit CD also installs 32-bit versions of those products that do not have 64-bit equivalents. This includes certain program executables such as AcuBench as well as non-executables such as sample programs and tools.

When selecting products to install on Windows x64 platforms the 32-bit products will be installed into a special Windows folder reserved for 32-bit programs called "Program Files (x86)". The Windows Start menu items will use these 32-bit versions. Some of the 32-bit products have 64-bit equivalents and are automatically installed into the Windows "Program Files" directory if the 32-bit product was selected to be installed. The 64-bit "Program Files" directory only contains the executables and does not contain all of the support files. The support files are found in the "Program Files (x86)" directory along with all the 32-bit executables.

An example of a 32-bit product that does not have a 64-bit equivalent is AcuBench. When compiling and running programs from AcuBench the 32-bit versions of the compiler and runtime are used. AcuBench does not require any path changes for this to occur. All the 32-bit versions are fully supported and functional in the 64-bit environments.

When running the license activator the installer runs the 64-bit version of the activator so that it can install the license files into both the 32-bit and 64-bit directories. When the license activator is run from the command prompt make sure the 64-bit version in the "Program Files" directory is used.  The 32-bit license activator will generate license files only for the 32-bit products.

ACUCOBOL-GT Runtime COBOL Virtual Machine

        Includes all utilities

AcuConnect Distributed Processing

AcuConnect Thin Client Technology

       ** No 64-bit acuthin.exe

AcuServer Distributed Data Server

Acu4GL for Oracle RDBMS Access

Acu4GL for Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS Access

AcuSQL Precompiler RDBMS Access Using ESQL

AcuSQL Runtime RDBMS Access Using ESQL

License Activator

In addition:

If the default directory is used for installation:

        64-bit products will be put in to "Program Files"

        32-bit products will be put in to "Program Files (x86)"

If a directory other than the default directory is specified:

        64-bit products will still be put in to "Program Files"

        32-bit products will be put in to the specified directory

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