Paged List-box Page Size is Incorrect when using AcuBench Drag-and-Drop


The AcuBench drag-and-drop paged list-box has the incorrect page-size set for it.


After adding a paged list-box to a screen using AcuBench’s drag-and-drop mechanism the generated code does not work properly. At runtime the resulting list-box displays the data beginning with the second record. The first record is not seen until the list is paged down then paged up.


The first record is missing because the page-size for the control is incorrect. It is one record too large for the physical size of the control. Thus the first record scrolls off the top and isn’t seen until the user pages the control down then up.

The page size generated by AcuBench for a drag-and-drop paged control (grid or list-box) is an approximation. This should only be considered a starting point. The programmer must verify and adjust the value in Working-Storage so the number of records is precise.

Open the program’s working-storage section in AcuBench’s Working-Storage editor, locate the control’s “…page-size” data item and adjust it to reflect the actual number of records the paged list-box can display. Save, regenerate, and recompile for the change to take effect.

Incident Number: 2179328

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