AcuODBC error - Vision mode clash - with update query on MS Access linked table



A query was executed from MS Access against a linked table that was supposed to update the data in the underlying Vision file.  Instead it generated an error "Vision mode clash".


This error is seen when attempting to update a table that AcuODBC driver sees as read-only.  

There are three items to check that will cause a file to be seen as read-only:

1. The AcuODBC license:  Make sure the license is not read-only.  Do that by opening the license, acuodbc.alc, with any text editor like Notepad or Wordpad.  The file exists in the bin directory of your Acucorp installation.  If the license contains this line:

     #  Read only license

then contact a Micro Focus Account Manager to obtain a non read-only license.   

2. The DSN:  Open the DSN and examine the 'Advanced' tab.  Make sure the 'Read Only' box is unchecked.

3. The permissions of the underlying Vision file:  Make sure the permissions on the underlying Vision file allow it to be updated by the User executing the query.

If the User is part of a Group that looks like it has full access to the file but still can't update it, that User should be specifically added to the security settings for the file.  

Note that with Vision Version 4 and later each file consists of two files, the data portion and the index.  Check permissions on both.

Old KB# 3093
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