Network Share vs AcuServer Performance


Network Shares can be fast when only one user is working with a Vision file, especially when data is only being READ and not changing. This is because Windows Shares have been optimised for this kind of situation and a lot of caching happens. 

AcuServer is faster when more than one user starts working with the same file. It delivers consistent results despite the number of users. 

The following tests show that Network Shares are very fast with one user, but as the number of users increase, the performance of Network Shares dramatically decreases. AcuServer results are not as fast with a single user but remain consistent as the number of users increase.

NOTE: These tests may not reflect exactly how other programs works but the general trend should still apply. Concurrent tests should be performed with other programs/setups to see how AcuServer compares to Network Shares as numbers of users increase.

Tests done with AcuCOBOL-GT extend 10.4.0 on Windows Server 2019 AWS VMs

Number of Records to READ/WRITE/REWRITE - 50000

 Number of Clients
         Network Share
  Avg. Duration (Seconds)
  Avg. Duration (Seconds)
  1   WRITE   6   44
  1   REWRITE   7   86
  2   REWRITE   1236   86
  5   REWRITE   2859   89
  10     REWRITE   7217   120
  1   READ   2   41
  2   READ   291   40
  5   READ   577   41
  10   READ   1742   53

AWS VM Specs - t2.xlarge

CPU - 4 vCPU @ 2.30 GHz
RAM - 16GB
Network - 800Mbps UP/DOWN 


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