What does Transaction Error 17 on START TRANSACTION statement mean?



When moving an application which uses ACU4GL for Oracle from one platform to another the application begins to output a message:

    Transaction error 17

which points to the statement START TRANSACTION.

This error is not documented. What is the cause of this error?


The transaction error 17 equates to "E_LOG_TEMP", and happens when vision attempts to open a transaction log temporary file and fails to do so.
Check the setting of the parameters/variables 'LOG_DIR'  and 'LOG_FILE' 
Does the directory specified in LOG_DIR exist on the system and does the user have sufficient permission to create/write files in that directory?
Is the filename specified in LOG_FILE being created when the error occurs?
In the case of a particular customer, the directory specified in LOG_DIR had not been created on the new system and this was the cause of the error.


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