ACUCOBOL-GT Vision file status 98,01



A VISION indexed file can no longer be updated due to error 98,01.
READ statements on the file are still possible but WRITE or REWRITE operations cannot be executed.


File status code 98 means:
Indexed file corrupt. An internal error has been detected in the indexed file.

The secondary error code 01 means:
The file size listed in the file's header does not match the actual file size.

The first thing to do to solve the problem is to rebuild the indexed file using the Vision File Utility (vutil on Linux/Unix platforms, vutil32.exe on Windows).

To avoid this error returning in the future, caution should be taken in the way the COBOL source code accesses these files.
For instance, it has been noted that a repeated occurrence of OPEN/CLOSE loops may cause the index file to become corrupt, mainly when other programs try to READ/WRITE the same file at the same time.
In critical programs, a solution may be found in executing a single OPEN I-O at the start of the program and one single CLOSE at the end.

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