ENTRY-FIELD size is different when upgrading to a newer runtime



Beginning with ACUCOBOL-GT Runtime 7.x, Entry Fields are drawn on the screen with slight differences in height each time a newer runtime is used.

This may cause display issues, mainly when a screen contains a lot of graphical controls which have 3-D style and Windows Native Look and Feel. 


A bug was introduced in release 8.0 in the calculation of Entry-Field sizes when 3-D and Native Controls are used.
This has been fixed in 9.0.1 by ECN-4071.

Later, a new fix has been developed in release 9.1.1 (ECN-4135) to help keeping the Entry Field size coherent after any runtime upgrade.

This fix introduced a new configuration variable, V80-3D-ENTRY-SIZE.

When set to TRUE, size calculations for Entry Fields are done as they were in 8.0.
When set to the default value of FALSE, it will cause Entry Fields to be sized as they were in 7.0.

Reference incident numbers: 2543148, 2681996.

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