AcuXDBC: No entry for product 'AcuXDBCS' in version 10.1.1



AcuXDBC Server 10.1.1 64-bit is installed on the server.
The installation works fine, testing it using the asql.bat script to run basic queries (without a DSN).

AcuXDBC 10.1.1 64-bit is installed on the client.
Trying to establish a connection between client and server, the following error is returned:

C:\Users\username>odbcsql.bat -d DataSourceName

VORTEXsql - Simple Interactive SQL.
Version (64-bit) - Production.
Copyright ® 1989-2015, Trifox, Inc., California, USA.
All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

***** ERROR: [TOD][ODBC Driver][acuxdbc03:system/manager/xvision:acuxdbc.cfg@20222:ServerName!acuxdbc04]VISION: No en
try for product 'AcuXDBCS' in file 'C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\extend\10.1.1\x64\xvision.slc'
SQL (/? for help) ==> /q

The license file on the server is correct.

What may be the reason for this issue?


There's a known issue with AcuXDBC 10.1.1, when it tries to read its own licenses.

It may occur both in a Client/Server environment and when AcuXDBC Client is installed on a standalone machine.

This issue will be fixed for next version 10.2.0.

Contact your local SupportLine engineer to have more information about the fix and, in case, to have a temporary solution while the fix will be available.

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