AcuToWeb: how to activate the Logging Client functionality from the browser



Is it possible to enable additional diagnostics on the client side of an AcuToWeb environment?


AcuToWeb offers a Gateway tracing facility on the server side, along with the usual AcuRCL tracing options.

On the client side, the additional diagnostics can be enabled directly from the browser used to access the remote alias:

1. Open your browser and navigate to:

Then, select the "Enable Logging Client" box.

Select your alias and click on the button "Connect".

Alternatively, add the following argument to your direct URL: &enable_log=y

For example:

2. Click on the black-monitor icon on the top left of the screen.

3. Activate all the items for the "Show:" option.

4. Operate as usual until the error occurs.

5. When the connection time-outs or gives the expected error, save the recorded information to a file by using the "Diskette" icon on the Console popup.

6. Send the log file to your local Customer Care engineer.

See screenshot for an example: 


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