AcuRuntime: C$XML fails parsing ISO-8859-15



C$XML fails parsing a XML file with ISO-8859-15 encoding.
It works fine if the encoding is ISO-8859-1.
Is this correct?

Which encodings are supported by ACUCOBOL-GT runtime?


This is a limitation of the Expat XML parser library that Micro Focus uses to provide the XML functionality within the ACUCOBOL-GT runtime.
The Expat parser library is only able to handle 4 encoding types which are: UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-8859-1 and US-ASCII.

Any other encoding type will return the error reported by C$XML CXML-PARSE-FILE.

There have been requests to improve the number of encodings supported by ACUCOBOL-GT runtime, but as this is (currently) reliant on this third party product we are not able to unless this is also modified.

Further information about the Expat XML parser are available here:

If no encoding option is specified the default encoding that the Expat library uses is "UTF-8".

If an XML file that uses UTF-16 is parsed, the data will be returned to the COBOL program as UTF-8.

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