Windows taskbar sends undesired "program missing or inaccessible" error message



On Windows 10, if you right click on the wrun32.exe icon on the Windows taskbar, you are prompted with a triple-choice menu:
- extend 32-bit runtime
- Pin to taskbar
- Close all windows

If you erroneously click on the first item, a new wrun32.exe process is started.
Not having any COBOL program to launch, an error message is shown: "cbl.out: program missing or inaccessible".

Can you avoid this message, which may be interpreted as an application error?


This behavior was introduced by Windows 7.

The workaround is to create a default configuration file, for example:


Then add the following variable to cblconfi:

DEFAULT_PROGRAM c:\etc\prog-dummy.acu

The undesired runtime will automatically run this program.
The developer can then manage the situation.
For example: sending a friendly message to the end-user instead of the error message, or simply using a "goback" statement to close the program quickly (and free the license used by this extra run).

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