Vision file system: status 39,01 on OPEN


Created On:  25 October 2012


Executing an OPEN OUTPUT on a Vision file, file-status is returned with a value of 39,01. 

ACUCOBOL-GT documentation says that this status means:

“Existing file conflicts with the COBOL description of the file. (open) Mismatch found but exact cause unknown (this status is returned by the host file system)”.


More specifically, this error may be caused by the structure of the Vision file that is going to be opened. If the indexed file is of version 3, the limitation for split keys is 6 segments maximum. Vision files version 3 that have more than 6 segments in a split key can generate error 39,01 when an OPEN is executed. This can be solved reducing the number of segments or upgrading the file system to Vision version 5, which presents a higher limit (16 segments maximum).

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