ACUCOBOL-GT: support for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)



What does ACUCOBOL-GT provide in order to support the new EU regulation about GDPR ?


ACUCOBOL-GT does not offer any specific functionality regarding the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and no library routine about encrypting data in general.

VISION indexed file system can be encrypted at the beginning, by setting the following clause directly in the SELECT of the files themselves:

Existing indexed files can be converted by adding encryption:

Rebuilding Files
Option e of the vutil tool (

This level of encryption is quite low, just above the ROT-13 code. It is useful to avoid an occasional display of data.
However, it is not recommended if the data files are going to contain significant data, such as passwords or fiscal/bank data (for example, credit card numbers).

If a higher level of encryption is required, the advice is to use third-party tools.
For example, "mcrypt" (

Please note: this is just one of the tools available on-line, not Micro Focus primary advice; it's just one example among many.

As for the communication of data on the network, AcuConnect, AcuServer and AcuXDBC allow you to encrypt what is transmitted on the connection socket between the server and the clients.
See the extend® Documentation about AGS_SOCKET_ENCRYPT, LOG_ENCRYPTION, ENCRYPTION_SEED, etc.

AcuToWeb provides embedded Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support by specifying a matching private key and digital certificate file on the Gateway Services.
Working together with IIS or Apache web servers, AcuToWeb grants a strenghtened security layer between the server-centralized application and the client devices.

With the complete portfolio that Micro Focus can offer today
you have several security and encryption solutions that any end-user can work with outside and together with the ACUCOBOL-GT extend® suite.

For example:
NetIQ (
Zenworks (

The question is: "Where do your customers want their data encrypted? In their data files, on the network, etc... "

Please contact your local account manager in Micro Focus, if you are interested in examining in depth the mentioned products and arguments.

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