What to do if Installing Updates from Microsoft Affects Thin Client Performance



Installing an update from Microsoft has impacted Acucorp's Thin Client performance.

What can be done?


It is possible that the patch installed changed the TCP/IP settings. Software such as Dr.TCP or TCPOptimizer can be used to tune TCP/IP settings.

Setting the TCPReceiveWindow to 1500 on WinXP SP2 and Win2000 SP4 has proven to improve Thin Client speed when working with a Aix 5.2 5L PowerV host, along with other Unix boxes.

This setting is not intended to be the "definitive" answer, but just a start from where to begin tuning TCP (and Thin Client) performance.  After any change a reboot is needed in order to see the effects.

Using these settings can also solve other performance issues after installing SP2 on WinXP.

Old KB# 2793
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