AcuServer Error 9d,104


This article explains that under certain circumstances the error 9d,104 can occur when running AcuServer.


Why does an AcuServer error 9d,104 occur when running AcuServer?


An AcuServer error 9d,104 means that the client can't find the TCP/IP layer (sockets).

If this happens in the middle of a run instance and during this runtime's execution the AcuServer was killed and restarted, then this error will occur. This can be fixed by using config variable C$DISCONNECT (since version 5.2.1).

This issue can also occur because at some point the Linux kernel goes into a busy loop, blocking all executables from running (including the runtime and acuserver). During this looping, the AcuServer socket times out and drops the connection, causing the AcuConnect runtime to return the error to the client runtime. This is a problem with the Linux kernel, and not with the software.

To resolve this, you can ignore such time lags (sometimes the runtime configuration variable DEFAULT_TIMEOUT can be set to a higher level) but this would interfere with other features of the software and so is not a valid solution. Upgrading the memory of the server, or upgrading to a more powerful server, is the available solution.

Other causes for this error are:
  • a virus is present
  • recently changed kernel setting (see our Acushare kernal settings recomendations)
  • AcuServe is not running
  • inability to connect for another reason, such as a bad socket or problem with TCP/IP layer (try AcuPing to test for this problem)
  • a firewall blocks the file access

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