Created On:  31 January 2013


AcuRuntime is the first release certified for Windows 8.  A CALL "C$SYSTEM" is executed always in asyncronous mode when run on this platform.


A possible workaround is to add the flag CSYS-SHELL to the CALL "C$SYSTEM".

In future release 9.2.0, this behavior will be fixed in ECN-4210.
This is the description of the fix:

SUBJECT: On Windows 8, C$SYSTEM fails to wait for a console-mode program
Change Number:  ECN-4210
Status:         Complete
Type of Change: Correction
Priority:       Medium
Incidents:      2608782
RPI Number: 1087447

Date:        2013-01-28
Product:     ACUCOBOL-GT
Module:      runtime
New Version: 9.2.0

Machines Affected: Windows 8
Known Versions Affected: All

DESCRIPTION of problem or enhancement:

When running on Windows 8, and calling C$SYSTEM with a non-GUI program, and without using cmd.exe, the runtime would return immediately to the COBOL program, without letting the command finish. This meant that the COBOL program could not get the exit code of the command.

Incident #2611807