Is there a way to create a socks level trace when using Acurcl?



Is there a way to create a socks level trace when using Acurcl?


Instructions for performing a socket level trace with Acurcl.

On the client side: Depending on how the application is started, add "-t7" to the command line that invokes acuthin;  Ex.

     Acuthin.exe -t7 <server-name> <alias-name>

This will produce two files on the client.  The first is called "displog" that contains tracing information specific to when controls are created, modified or destroyed, the second is a socket level communication trace named "socks<pid#>.trc".

These files will be created in either the current directory, the location specified in the "start in" property of the icon or on the desktop.

On the server side kill Acuconnect and restart it adding "-t 16535" at the end of the command string.  Ex.

     Acurcl -start <other-start-flags-you-use> -t 16535

This will also create two files.  The first will be called "applog" which will be created in the working directory specified in the alias for that program and contains detailed tracing of the application execution on the server side.

The second will be a socket level trace with the same naming convention as on the client side <> and will either be placed in the working directory in the alias file or in the directory where acurcl is located.

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