Created On:  13 April 2012


While trying to execute a program sitting in a Windows server from a client machine through AcuServer, the execution fails showing in the  AcuServer trace file the following error messages:

Cannot search (READ/EXECUTE) all parent directories

Cannot create files in the directory

Error like no such file? errno: 2

Even the user is part of the "Local Admin Group, and the "admin Group" was already on all the locations, also the user added the "Local Account " directly into the security of all the folder that is needed access to and gave him "Full Control".


This is a frequent problem that checking permissions in a Windows server, users circumvent the permissions of the root directory. Even the user is a local admin with full access to the files and directories, the problem in those cases is that the user who has being mapped in the AcuAccess file is not able to access the files at the top level, the user does not have permissions to READ/EXECUTE the root directory, as the C:\, or D:\, or E:\. The problem is resolved by specifically grant permissions to the user on all directories including the root, either C:\, D:\, or E:\ .
Incident #2567583