Accessing an AcuXDBC database from MSSQL Server


This article provides details for setting up an AcuXDBC database as a MSSQL Linked Server.


There is a need to access the AcuXDBC database through MSSQL Server. How is that accomplished?


One method is to import the data using the MSSQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS). However, the preferred method is to set up a Linked Server, which provides access to the live data rather than the snapshot created by importing.

Important: Restart MSSQL Server after installing/configuring AcuXDBC. This is to ensure that MSSQL picks up the correct environment for AcuXDBC, specifically, the GENESIS_HOME and PATH settings. In some cases rebooting the server may be necessary.

After installing and configuring AcuXDBC and/or AcuXDBC Server and setting up a system DSN, set up the MSSQL Linked Server as follows:

(These instructions are specific to MSSQL Server 2005 and may be slightly different for other versions. The basics are the same.)

  1. Start the MSSQL Management Studio.
  2. Expand Server Objects.
  3. Right-click on Linked Servers and select New, Linked Server.
  4. In the New Linked Server dialog enter a name in Linked Server:
  5. Select Other data source if it isn’t already.
  6. In Provider select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers.
  7. In Product Name enter “AcuXDBC”.
  8. In Data Source enter the name of your system DSN.
  9. Click OK to save it all.

The Linked Server is now set up. One way to query it is to use the Openquery format. To view a table the query will look something like:

select * from openquery(LinkedServerName, ‘select * from tablename’)
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