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Big Picture Stuff―What’s Happening to Your Host and Mainframe Access Systems?

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 Where do you stand?

Every organization is at risk. So, understanding your vulnerabilities, risk exposure levels, and ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent regulatory demands―all in the context of modernization and infrastructure changes―has never been more difficult or important.

How have users configured their host access systems? How many terminal emulation licenses are installed in your organization? Can you monitor host connections for usage, load, and security―even during corporate modernization efforts? And if not, how sustainable is that?

Without an accurate view of software deployment, and insights into license usage and policy adherence, your organization is both vulnerable today and ill prepared for a modernized future.

Continuous modernization

Thanks to the impact of the global pandemic, digital transformation efforts and the drive to boost revenue, customer engagement, and accelerate delivery, have never been more acute. Despite the challenges, as consultants Standish noted in our e-book, Continuous Modernization–Boundless Business Value, enterprises are planning multi-year modernization strategies.

Understanding your organization’s readiness goes a long way toward planning a timeframe for your modernization strategy.

Indeed, as a recent IDC whitepaper, The Modern Mainframe—Automated, Protected, Connected outlines “It is imperative to integrate…hosts with modern platforms to ensure maximum yield [from] application delivery…traditional host platforms are well suited to play a pivotal role in businesses' digital transformation.”

That means that a digitally transformed future, with full integration with modern platforms, demands full visibility of your host access systems today.

Get insights, gain control

An improved understanding of host access deployment and user configurations ensures organizations are better prepared for modernization and infrastructure changes. An enhanced asset management solution, providing an accurate view of host access software deployments, offers that assurance.

The recent release of Host Access Analyzer 2.0 puts the means to retrieve real-time usage data in the hands of organizations.

It enables them to assess risk and vulnerability exposure, ensure regulatory compliance, achieve insights into internal policy usage, and control license deployment. Other business functionalities include:

  • Achieve an instant view of the installed base and its health, security, and complexity.
  • View an exhaustive host access inventory and usage of all products and assets.
  • Monitor all host connections to view usage, load, and security.
  • Use the Business Value Dashboard for focused reporting.
  • Add any software product to the reporting and analysis functionality.

Be prepared for what’s next. Use the insights and reports only Host Access Analyzer can provide to better understand your organization’s host access deployment and user configuration profile.  

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To learn more about Host Access Analyzer:

Visit the webpage https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/products/host-access-analyzer/overview

Watch the webinar “Host Access Inventory and Analysis



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