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Destination #DevDay and Smarter Modernization

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Making the move to modernize requires the right approach aligned to your business strategy.  Each modernization journey will be different and will require a slightly different mix of technology, skills, and resources.  Reaching your destination requires careful planning and preparation.  As an IT leader or senior developer building or implementation that modernization plan, as the adage goes, “knowledge is power.”   You need access to the full range of technology options and strategies and the help and support of experienced experts. That’s exactly the goal of #DevDay—a technology focused event designed for developers aimed at supporting your application modernization journey from planning through to execution.

#DevDay: Your roadmap to COBOL and mainframe modernization

At #DevDay, we focus on how to modernize your core business applications, written in either COBOL or running on the mainframe.  This one-day event includes where-to roadmaps, how-to demonstrations, and lots of best practice technical advice from our modernization experts and industry guests. Every technical session showcases the latest capabilities of industry-leading COBOL and mainframe solutions, and how these technologies help real-world customers modernize enterprise applications for the cloud. We explore the topic of modernization through the lens of application, process, and infrastructure domains—a unique industry approach—enabling you to pick the right starting point for your strategy and set the terms to achieve your modernization goals.

Why attend #DevDay?

We believe that continuous education helps you make smarter choices for your business and IT strategy.  We built the #Devday technology event to support that journey. During these local, community-based events, you’ll hear from technology experts as well as peers in your community as they share their stories of IT transformation and change. You’ll explore the “how” of organizations that are modernizing by re-using core business applications and data to meet new digital opportunities, including cloud. Here is just a quick view into what you’ll see and hear.

Infrastructure Modernization

Moving to the cloud?  Within the infrastructure modernization track, we’ll explore how to migrate existing COBOL and mainframe applications to distributed, virtual, container, or cloud-based environments using the latest Micro Focus modernization technology.

Process Modernization

Ready to deliver new on new requirements, faster? During the process modernization track, we’ll examine how to leverage popular Agile and DevOps tools alongside continuous integration practices, to scale COBOL and mainframe application delivery.


Application Modernization

Migrated your mainframe, and looking for what’s next?  Within the application modernization track, we examine how to re-use core business applications and data to enable new use cases. We’ll explore how to leverage application analysis tools, code slicing, and refactoring to quickly API-enable COBOL or mainframe programs for re-deployment to virtual, container, and cloud platforms.


COBOL Innovation

Curious to see the latest in COBOL development and modernization? Within this Innovation track, we’ll discover how to take COBOL to the world of Object-Oriented programming, .NET, and Java Byte Code.  Build and test composite applications and deploy COBOL directly to .NET or the Java Virtual Machine.

#DevDay is your modernization destination—whether you are an IT shop of any size, or a global technology partner or systems integrator, responsible for your client’s digital transformation journey. We’ll help you explore what’s possible, understand the key considerations, and map your unique journey towards a smarter modernization outcome.

Book your trip. Bring a colleague.

The #DevDay tour begins in Atlanta, Georgia on March 8-9 at the Hyatt Centric.  This is an exclusive technology event enabling you to network with peers in your local community. Seize the opportunity and get connected to this valuable technical resource. Explore the full line-up of #Devday technical sessions on our website.  And don’ forget to bring a colleague along to the event!

Join Us

Now is the time. Build your application modernization plan with the help and technical expertise offered through #DevDay.  Take full advantage of this valuable resource.  Register today!

Would you like to see a #DevDay in your local community?  Share your feedback with us and we’ll add your location to our growing list of future #DevDay stops along our modernization roadshow.


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