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Get ready for AMC technical courses

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The mission of AMC (Application Modernization and Connectivity) is to help our customers bridge the now and the next-- enabling them to unlock the value within existing application investments.   We strive to help our customers run and transform their core business systems written in COBOL as well as applications running on the mainframe.

Our customers want to transform their core business applications in response to the digital demands of their customers, employees and marketplace. Digital Transformation is the key driver for change and our customers need answers on how to achieve it. 

From our years of experience, we know that success rates for radical “rip-and-replace” transformation projects are significantly low, so Micro Focus does not recommend that approach. Instead, there is a growing trend toward modernization as a more pragmatic approach to transformational change for business applications. 

In fact, here at Micro Focus, we believe the smartest way to digitally transform is for our customers to build on what they have – bridge the old and the new through modernization. 

Over the past few years, we have found there is a demand for online training and education programs.

There are various reasons why the demand for virtual training occurred (obviously COVID-19 is one of these reasons as people shifted towards a hybrid working location culture). 

To answer this increased demand, Micro Focus has defined set of online curriculums, and courses within those curriculums, exams, and certification badges that enables students to improve their product knowledge.

Partner Ecosystem is a key audience for this training. Especially our Alliances that can work with our customers to qualify opportunities, manage the presales cycle, and do the final project delivery working as an extension of our own company experts. With this initiative, we also support the mainframe Centers of Excellence (COEs) in our Alliances premises, so MF Enterprise is the rehost solution of choice, and we monitor the refactoring business delivery challenges.

Partners certification is a key element of our enablement strategy providing a guarantee to our customers of a quality delivery by Micro Focus certified experts 

The courses in the AMC Deep Dive Technical series are organized into role-based curriculums. This means there is a unique curriculum for each participant, based on the role they play in their workplace – to meet their individual needs:

  • The Core Business Systems Analyst Curriculum covers application knowledge, intelligence, and analytics. It focuses on helping System Analysts.
  • The Core Business Systems Developer Curriculum focuses on enhancing the knowledge of Developers.
  • The Enterprise Server Deployment Administrator Curriculum focuses on configuring, using, and optimizing the deployment infrastructure for Administrators.
  • The Mainframe to Cloud Specialist Curriculum shapes the skills of individuals who focus on faster delivery, better application performance, and easier infrastructure management. 

It is our pleasure to announce the release of these AMC digital learning course series provided by Customer Education.

If you are interested to learn more about these courses, please click the above link to browse the course and complete the registration process. These courses are offered for free. 

Each course is highly-customized and specialized, dedicated to a particular role played by members of technical teams and organizations. In each course, customers learn fundamentals that equip them with the skills they need to get started with Micro Focus Application Modernization tools. The courses are developed to accommodate all learning styles and are filled with practical step-by-step examples and interactive exercises.


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