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Features and benefits of the OpenText VDI solution Service Pack 12.5.2 released in October 2023

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More platforms and technology updates for the OpenText VDI solution

Our Exceed TurboX VDI solution now supports the Linux Wayland protocol, which is more and more becoming the main display protocol instead of X11 in many Linux distributions. Having support for Wayland future proofs your application virtualization infrastructure. Linux applications and desktops using Wayland can easily be displayed using Exceed TurboX.

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Exceed TurboX 12.5.2 introduces major support for arm CPU based platforms. The OpenText VDI solution and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) platform now supports Windows for arm (Windows ARM64) and Linux for arm (Linux AArch64). There is full support for the ETX client on the new arm platforms, as well as full support for ETX nodes on the arm platforms. With these, organizations have a much wider choice for their user and desktop virtualization platforms. Windows for arm and Linux for arm can be used for users and for application servers. Using arm instead of x64 can provide performance improvements and power usage improvements. Using arm processors in the datacenter or cloud can provide major reductions of power usage due to economics of scale.

Many new IT benefits

These are the most important new features and benefits for IT:

  • Easier and higher flexibility network configuration. ETX now supports multiple LDAP authentication servers and/or multiple domains for sign-on.
  • Smoother ETX for Windows configuration. ETX now comes with Windows authentication for nodes. Eliminating the need for a Linux server in the VDI solution.
  • Better manageability for large deployments
    • Profiles can be organized in folders.
    • IT receives a notification if a user has more than n sessions open.
    • New hide all profiles option for user(s) that shall only see shared sessions.
    • Memory usage info for ETX server system memory for deeper insight into server usage.
    • The server status is now displayed in the cluster admin interface.
    • A maximum number of sessions can be defined per user group.
    • The performance panel has been enhanced for easier usage.
  • Higher security for the desktop virtualization environment
    • Client applications and client desktops can be locked after n seconds.
    • Windows smartcard can be pushed to Linux server for authentication. 

Server-side rendering has always been the stronghold of Exceed TurboX. With ETX 12.5.2 we introduce support for additional cloud based high performance rendering via support for the AMD Radeon PRO V620 graphics solution. 

The ETX REST APIs have been enhanced with new functionality for searching the server event log and several more additions:

  • Searching the server event log.
  • Change the default language via REST API.
  • Import a profile via the REST API.
  • Support custom portal single sign-on (bypass ETX logon using API key)

    Searching for events in a server log can now be implemented via the REST API

Many user benefits

Users using the fast ETX Windows direct protocol now have support for local USB peripherals like printers or smartcard readers.

Those that are using the ETX web client now have an option to hide the web client toolbar.

The ETX user dashboard. This is where users launch their virtual desktops and virtual applications.

Many quality improvements

Exceed TurboX 12.5.2 includes many customer requested quality improvements. To receive those, you need to be on maintenance. Keep in mind, software maintenance protects you. With maintenance you receive all quality fixes with every new Service Pack of a product. And with maintenance you also get all new feature versions when they become available on MySupport.opentext.com. Maintenance also gives you direct access to OpenText expert support engineers that will help to solve your issue or in case there is an issue that needs to be fixed they will work with OpenText engineering to get you a fix. 

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