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Modernization News: Micro Focus formalizes status as an AWS Partner

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cloud.PNGThe relationship between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Micro Focus continues to grow.  Recently, AWS sponsored Micro Focus Universe, our premier client event.  Now, AWS has launched their new AWS Mainframe Migration Competency and Micro Focus is among the first companies to achieve this designation.  We are recognized as a leader in modernization with over 30 years of experience in helping client’s modernize their mainframe environments.

AWS recognizes Micro Focus as an AWS Mainframe Migration Competency Partner


In their blog pre-announcing the AWS Mainframe Migration Competency, AWS mentioned Micro Focus as follows –

Micro Focus provided the deployment environment software for Kmart Australia to re-platform the core merchandise system, which comprised 34 mainframe applications and data, onto AWS. The new application delivery toolchain also included software from Micro Focus Enterprise product suite. The project met objectives for increased agility, cost savings with pay-as-you-go, and enhanced time-to-market.

AWS Mainframe Migration Competency

More than 70% of Fortune 500 companies still run business-critical applications on mainframes and have many mainframes still residing in their data centers. Many of those organizations also have invested in cloud technology. AWS recognizes the complexity of this work and seeks proven methodologies, tools, and best practices to empower successful modernization projects.

These AWS Partners all have a proven track record of helping customers migrate mainframe workloads and we’re delighted to launch the AWS Mainframe Migration Competency with them. This AWS Mainframe Migration Competency will help customers quickly and confidently identify and engage vetted AWS Partners with repeatable mainframe migration success,” said Bill Platt, General Manager, Migration Services, AWS. “We look forward to seeing them work with our customers to migrate and modernize mainframes enabling cost-effective, agile, and innovative solutions.”

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify AWS Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.

Micro Focus: Trusted Technology

Prevailing market information underscores the increasing popularity of modernization as an approach to IT transformation. The Cloud market is growing significantly and the requirements to include mainframe workload in that market is also growing. This further endorsement underscores Micro Focus position as a trusted, leading modernization technology vendor.

In the pre-announcement, AMC General Manager, Neil Fowler, stated, “Modernization is often the favoured approach for organizations looking to innovate faster at lower risk. Micro Focus is leading modernization vendor, with a trusted, robust and comprehensive solution.

AWS’s position in the cloud is significant, and we have provided support for developing and deploying modernized core applications into AWS for some time. The AWS Mainframe Migration Competency illustrates our advanced position as a partner to many in this space and it provides a clear illustration of our unique value to prospects looking at that platform.

Micro Focus continues to support our customers’ choice for modernizing their applications, process and infrastructure so they can maximize the benefits of the cloud for development, deployment and the testing of mainframe applications. We are proud of our relationship with AWS and are very pleased to achieve the AWS Mainframe Migration Competency as an illustration of our application modernization leadership.”

What is Mainframe Application Modernization?

Modernization: Building on Strength

In recent studies, customers view their core applications as strategic in 92% of cases, with 70% suggesting modernization is the best approach for them. Similarly, the Standish Group’s recent study reported that Modernization projects are much more likely to achieve IT success than alternative approaches.

Micro Focus uniquely supports modernization across three critical areas of applications, processes and infrastructure. Our goal is to support our customer’s preferred modernization route (for example mainframe-centric, cloud-first, DevOps-driven, service-oriented) and help map that journey against a balance of cost, risk and speed. Our objective is to accelerate digital transformation by delivering incremental modernization across these three distinct but inter-related areas.

Micro Focus have been successfully delivering modernization projects over 3 decades, equating to thousands of successful projects and engagements. Supported by tens of millions of dollars’ annual investment in our products and technologies, our unrivalled experience and best practices make Micro Focus ideally placed to support our clients’ modernization journeys.

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