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OpenText Kicks Off Its Inaugural Mainframe Modernization Summit—Why Do We Need It?

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We live in a cloud world. This is not debatable. But what is debatable is what to do with your mainframe applications. And it seems everyone has a different opinion about the right journey to take when it comes to modernizing. Should you move them to be cloud native? Should you modernize them in place with hybrid cloud? What makes the most sense for your organization? What’s the best choice to ensure you get the most out of your mainframe applications?

Finding unbiased information

Finding unbiased information in this space about the full range of options available to you isn’t easy. In fact, it’s almost impossible. Everyone has an angle, working to convince you that their approach is the best way to go about things. But your business isn’t like everyone else’s. What works best for your business strategy may not be the right choice for someone else’s business. You need to evaluate what’s out there and make a sound decision based upon what will work for your unique situation. But how can you trust the information you find when everyone has an agenda to push?

Introducing the first Mainframe Modernization Summit

That’s why we created the world’s first Mainframe Modernization Summita virtual event that brings together experts in both cloud and mainframe applications so you can evaluate the full range of options in an unbiased and balanced way.

This year’s theme is Destination Cloud, and we’ve pulled together a fast-paced agenda that fits into your busy schedule. We have panel discussions about why modernizing with cloud is so strategic, short 5-minute lightning talks on the topics of DevOps and managing the data, and for the questions surrounding security and modernizing operations, you’ll hear from two people each presenting a very different point of view. And we know you’re busy. But with short, focused presentations like these, it’s like getting a week’s worth of information in just a few hours.

We are thrilled to feature Neil Fowler, Senior VP of Application Modernization & Connectivity at OpenText, as our keynote speaker.

Neil will reflect on the history of IT evolution and pinpoint previous trends that allude to what lies ahead. How do applications sitting on the mainframe fit into the future of doing business? What are the possible pathways to modernization in today’s multi-cloud world? This is not a talk you want to miss!

Plus, we are SO excited about the experts we’ve scheduled to speak at this event. We’ve secured true leaders in the industry with a wide variety of perspectives to share, so you can hear all points of view and make an informed decision about the best path to take for your organization.

AgendaA Week’s Worth of Information in Just 4 Hours

  • Keynote—How Mainframe Modernization Powers Your Cloud Journey
  • Lightning Talks—DevOps for Mainframe Applications (On or Off the Mainframe)
  • Both Sides—Comparing Application Security on the Mainframe and the Cloud
  • Strategic Panel—Understanding the Mainframe Modernization Movement
  • Technical Panel—Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  • Lightning Talks—What About the Data?
  • Both Sides—Modernizing Operations 

Register now

This truly is an event like no other. Register to join us on May 11, or if you’re tied up that day, register anyway to view the content on demand when it works best for your schedule.

Date: May 11, 2023
Time: 10:00 CEST | 10:00 a.m. CDT | On Demand

Can’t wait to see you there!