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A New ‘Windows’ of opportunity for Government Agencies

by Micro Focus Employee in Application Modernization & Connectivity

Enabling Digital Transformation for Government Agencies

Digital transformation underpins these initiatives and choosing the right partners, and technologies, to drive them is key. If good government needs sound decision-making, then Micro Focus and Microsoft has made choosing a vendor to deliver cloud and digital transformation strategies much easier.

This collaboration aligns the Micro Focus Application Modernization and Connectivity (AMC) portfolio with the Microsoft Azure platform. Why does this matter? Because we help reduce our government clients’ infrastructure costs by enabling mainframe applications to run on the Agile cloud. It is where the rubber hits the road for your mainframe modernization strategy, and your business potential begins to be realized.

While the case for application modernization has been lauded by analysts, organizations must balance two different priorities in delivering it. They must keep the lights on to ensure short-term business resilience while simultaneously transforming their enterprise, enabling the evolution that will support long-term success. We call bridging existing and emerging technologies to run and transform at the same time, Smart Digital Transformation.

The solutions for Governmental Digital Transformation

While IT enterprises are boardroom-driven, government agencies are accountable, and any public purse expenditure must represent good value. Fortunately, the principles behind application modernization and digital transformations are all about creating new value from core systems. They extract maximum value from what is already there, rather than abandoning it through costly and risky ‘rip and replace’ initiatives.

That is why 92% of IT leaders regard their COBOL applications as ‘strategic’ to their business. But that is the business world, not federal or state agencies. So, what does success look like in this sphere? Let’s check out some real-world use cases.

An emergency call from City of Inglewood, and taxing problems for SLO

The City’s 911 emergency dispatch system was sophisticated. The mainframe hosting it needed modernizing. But nothing could risk compromising its 99.99 percent availability, so Micro Focus Enterprise Server and a Windows Server saved residents, and more than $120K every year in maintenance costs. We similarly helped San Luis Obispo (SLO) overcome infrastructure costs and IT complexity by using  Visual COBOL to re-host on the same platform. We look at these success stories in more depth here.

This really works

Moving one government client to Azure delivered close to 90% operational cost savings and a project completion 10 months ahead of schedule, despite COVID-19 challenges along the way.

Our delivery partner commented: “We leveraged Micro Focus Visual COBOL to create a seamless transition for the County’s stakeholders without any business disruption. In addition, Visual COBOL provides the County’s development team a wealth of new features and capabilities that will support their continued digital transformation.”

Talk to us

Digital Transformation is no place for guesswork. Experts matter and partnerships are important. Our Modernization Model addresses all three modernization pillars: application, process and infrastructure and has helped thousands of customers realize new value from current IT investments. If you want a strategic partner to commence or continue your own digital transformation journey, drop my colleague John Butler a line at John.Butler@microfocus.com and let’s talk transformation.



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