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A Year in Review: COBOL Modernization & Customer Success

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2022: Highlighting Customer Success

It’s been a busy year for the Micro Focus Application Modernization and Connectivity (AMC) business.   There are far too many highlights to share in this short blog, but I did want to draw special attention to one new and exciting set of resources for modernization enthusiasts—resources which may also help influence future planning as we now look to 2023.  And to help accomplish that, I honestly can’t think of a better set of materials than these new customer success stories highlighting application, process, and infrastructure modernization. 

A New Approach to Modernization

For those that aren’t familiar with the Micro Focus modernization story, I’d encourage you to take a closer look.  It's a unique approach to IT transformation enabling developers and IT leaders to both run and transform while setting priorities to what, how and where modernization matters for their business and customers. Where agility and speed to market are now coveted capabilities, IT and business must seek to modernize with greater predictability and confidence.  That’s perhaps why I enjoy sharing these new customer stories.  They clearly demonstrate our customer’s ability to push through current challenges, leverage state of the art technology and deliver new value for their business and customers.  Here are a few of my personal favorites…

Application Modernization

Like many organizations, at the start of the global pandemic, Railway Furnishers, found themselves unable to service their customers, suppliers, or employees due to local lockdown and ‘stay at home’ orders. Within 30 days, using the latest COBOL modernization solutions for ACUCOBOL applications, Railway Furnisher delivered a new secure and cloud-based, application experience for all remote users and restoring full business operations.  

Process Modernization

Moving faster in response to business change is now mainstream and IT service provider, Advanced, realized that need to streamline its IT service delivery process. Using next generations COBOL technology and Docker Containers alongside DevOps and CI practices, Advanced reduced a previously lengthy new customer set-up and deployment process to only minutes, saving time and money and improving the customer experience!

Infrastructure Modernization

Popular digital streaming service, Apra AMCOS sought to modernize its core royalties reporting and payment application to enable same day reporting and better service for its members. By moving up to the latest version of COBOL technology, they achieved higher levels of application performance, same-day royalty reporting, and a cloud-ready application platform.

Looking for More?

I hope you agree that these are truly amazing stories of customer success and transformation and hopefully motivators that inspire you to explore what’s possible for COBOL and Mainframe modernization.  There are so many possibilities for those invested in core business applications, particularly where modernization is a key component of their future strategy.  I’d strongly encourage you to watch the full playlist which features the following customer modernization stories:

  • FIS – A New Architecture Enabling Cloud Delivery
  • CGI Sweden – Enabling Innovation while maintain value
  • Marin County – Modernizing Core Business Application using Visual COBOL
  • APRA AMCOS – Modernizing performance for digital streaming growth
  • Advanced (US) – Delivering Intelligent Application Modernization
  • SysPro – A COBOL Modernization Story
  • Jury Systems Inc. – Evolving Decades of Application Value
  • Advanced (UK) - COBOL Development using Docker Streamlines Application Delivery
  • SDWorx People Solutions - Transforming Mainframe Application Delivery
  • Railway Furnishers – Now is the Time to Modernize
  • Reliance Steel – A Modernization Story for Mainframe Access and Security
  • ITAU Unibanco - Modernization with Changeman ZMF and REST
  • DSRV (German Pension Fund) – Full scale modernization off the mainframe

Lastly, watch this space as we’ll be releasing even more customer success and modernization stories in 2023.  On behalf of the AMC team here, that’s all for now.  Enjoy and happy viewing.


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